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Planning Your Special Event

We pride ourselves in being able to meet everyones catering needs. The following steps will help you through the process of organizing your special function. We hope that you enjoy our catering guide. We look forward to working with you to personalize menus for all of your special events.

Arranging and Reserving a Date

Please contact us at your earliest convenience, so that we can get you on our calendar. You may contact the Catering Office. Some arrangements can be made by phone; others may require an appointment with our Catering Director. Please note: Events requiring special products, rentals or specialized materials, require a minimum of 5 days notice. This is the time for a thorough discussion of all specifics and details. We can help you make all the necessary decisions to determine which of the services would best fit your needs. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. After we have finalized all the details of your special event, you will receive a confirmation document to be signed and returned to us. All cancellations and final arrangements, including the customer guarantee count and payment arrangements, MUST take place at least 3 business days prior to your function. If you do not contact us with a final count within 3 business days, we will prepare for the estimated number and charge accordingly

Reserving a Location

Whether the Event is to take place on or off campus, the location reservation needs to be confirmed before we will deliver. When making the Reservation, please include all tables and trash receptacles or other equipment. Fresh foods delivered at proper temperatures are critical to the success of your event and the safety of our guests. Our ability to properly staff for timely delivery is also critical. If your event or location is inaccessible or has not been set up for your event, we will always do our best to serve you. Event Planners must ensure adequate building and room access as referenced.

Event Confirmation and Guarantees

Events not scheduled at least 3 days prior to the date of service are subject to menu/service limitations and additional fees. A guarantee is required 3 business days before your catered event to include the exact times, location, attendance, menu choices and room setup. You are responsible for contacting the Catering Department and canceling the event. You will be liable for 50% of your food bill for any event that is not cancelled in writing within 3 business days of the date of service. If JSU is closed due to inclement weather, all catering events will be automatically cancelled. You are responsible for any cancellation of facility reservations.


Check, Cash, University Account Number and Credit Cards are all valid payment methods. For all Catered Functions, arrangements for payment must be finalized prior to the date of service. Non-University related groups are required to make a deposit of 50% one week prior to event, with the balance due at the time of the event. Tax Exempt Organizations are required to submit a copy of their Exemption Certificate prior to their date.

Delivery Fees

There is no delivery fee for catering services on the JSU Campus.


To ensure that your event is a success, Catering Staff is available for an additional fee of $20.00 per Attendant, per hour. We recommend that you have an Attendant for all Receptions and Breaks for every 75 Guests, with the above fee assessed.

Catering Equipment

As the host of the Catered Event, you are responsible for the equipment we have provided for the service. Any missing or damaged Catering Equipment or Supplies may require charges to your Account or replacement Costs. For large Events, specialty equipment may need to be rented. We can provide this at an additional charge.

China Charges

Our Catering Department provides high-quality Plastic Products as our standard, unless otherwise requested. China is provided for Events located in the Student Center if requested. Events occurring at alternate locations will be subject to additional fees. Please contact us for details.

Floral Charges

We will be happy to order, receive and handle specific floral arrangements for you. An additional fee will be determined in accordance with your selections.

Linens and Skirting

We will provide Linens and Skirting for Food and Beverage tables at no charge. If you would like Linen to be placed on Guests tables for Receptions, Breaks, Meeting Tables and Boxed Lunches there will be a $5.00 fee for each Tablecloth if food is ordered and $8.00 per Tablecloth if no food is ordered. The same applies to Registration Tables, Name Tag, Head Tables and any additional table that will not be directly used for Food Service. Specialty Linens are available upon request for an additional charge.

Minimum Charges

Events servicing less than 25 Guests require an additional Administrative Charge. You may pick up your Menu Selections for these Events at no additional costs.

Sustainable and Organic Menus

Our Culinary Staff is happy to produce a sustainable and/or organic menu for your event. We can create fresh and healthy meals using local products that are free of Pesticides, Hormones and Antibiotics. Some items may be limited based on availability. Please plan on paying an additional fee per person.

Food Removal Policy

It is the policy that excess food items from events not be removed from the event site. Items purchased for pick up should be properly stored prior to event and removed and disposed of by the host of the event.